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Basement Conversions.

Away from the hubbub of home life, this is where the fun happens. We will transform your dark and dingey basement into an exciting kids’ playroom, state of the art cinema, fun new games room or sophisticated at-home bar, making you the envy of your friends and neighbours!

BNS Construction Ltd will safely guide you through the entire process of converting your basement – from structural requirements and necessary wall treatments to ensure you don’t develop damp or mould, to planning functionality and layout – we will ensure that your new basement adds function and value whilst also meeting building codes and regulations.

Our qualified tradespeople are on hand to advise and inspire – they can confirm if a swing attached to the ceiling is feasible, or how many seats can reasonably fit in your new home cinema. You will have a dedicated site manager onsite daily to reassure you of progress, discuss your big plans for the space, and ensure that our team are delivering your vision to the highest standards.

FAQs Related to Basement Conversions.

What is ‘Basement Waterproofing?’

When it comes to basement conversions, basement waterproofing is the most important step. It ensures that the basement or cellar is protected from water damage and flooding, as they lie below the ground water table. Due to their position in relation to the rest of the property, they are also at risk from water pressure, so ensuring that your basement is waterproofed correctly is imperative. The most effective method of waterproofing is installing a ‘Sump and Pump’ system which is effectively a water drainage system.

Can I create a basement if I don’t have one already?

Yes, you can create a basement within your property even if you don’t have an existing cellar or basement. In this case,  you will need to have full planning permission from your local council, with all architect drawings and strucutral calcuations approved and in place before any construction work starts.

Do I need planning permission for a basement conversion?

Typically, converting an existing basement or cellar into a habitable space from a storage space does not require planning permission, as the overall structure of the area is not being altered. But if floor or ceiling heights need to be adjusted, then permission may well be required. However, we always recommend contacting your local council to confirm permission for any changes you make to your property.

How long will a basement conversion take to complete?

Depending on the size and current condition of the space, basement conversions can take between 2-4 months to complete.


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