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Five Benefits Of Building Your Own Home

by | Jul 26, 2021 | New Build Home

As TV shows such as Grand Designs continue to showcase the possibilities with building new homes – while being sure to communicate the associated costs and stresses with ambitious designs – there are more benefits to building your own home than simply aesthetics.

Having free reign over the look of your home as well as the function and allocation of rooms within the space is one of the key considerations for many when designing a home. It’s not always possible to change the interior layout and exterior design when buying a house, so building from scratch gives you complete creative freedom.

From a practicality point of view, this also enables you to design spaces that suit your lifestyle – whether that’s spacious open-plan family rooms, building an accessible home, incorporating sophisticated entertaining spaces, or designing your home around the natural environment with plenty of windows and natural light – you are able to create your dream home from scratch without spending countless hours on property websites hoping that someone else might have shared your vision.

  • Easier on the wallet

This of course depends on how expensive your taste is, as well as how ambitious your design is. On average, however, the value of the final product could hold as much as 20-25% more value than the combined land and build cost. 

In addition, stamp duty is only applicable to the cost of the land and is not charged on the value of the finished property, and you can reclaim VAT on the cost of labour and materials.

  • Location, location, location

This can be a particularly strong draw for those seeking privacy or a home in a significant location to them. Whether that’s building on the waterfront, nestled in nature, finding an affordable plot of land in a more expensive neighbourhood, or planting roots in a friendly community – being able to choose the exact location, as well as designing the aspect, windows and doors to your preference, can save years of house-hunting for your dream home.

  • Save the planet

Designing your own home allows you to introduce energy-efficient products and solutions from the get-go, both for the benefit of the finished property, and throughout the building process. 

While they can carry sizeable up-front costs, in the long-run installing features such as solar panels, heat pumps and radiant heating can all help you to reduce energy consumption, so you can do your bit to save the planet as well as making significant savings on your future energy bills.

  • Learn a new skill

While entirely optional, some people designing a new home may want to have a more hands-on involvement in the process. There will be aspects of the build which have to be performed by qualified professionals to meet building codes – such as plumbing and electricity – but for the most part the opportunity to feel like you played a part in building your own home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You may even pick up a new skill, so be sure to factor a workshop into your dream home design!

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