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Innovative Ideas for Basement Conversions

by | Jul 26, 2021 | Basement Conversions

In 2020 and 2021, people became fully acquainted with the usable space in their homes as government mandated lockdowns meant we had to work from home or home-school and generally stay home where possible.

Due to this, the home has now become a multifunctional space for work, study, play and living. Kitchens became classrooms, bedrooms became offices, and people began considering how other underutilized rooms in their home, such as basements and lofts, could become usable spaces to add function and value to their property.

While the loft has potential for a great deal of natural light, the basement – often being situated below ground level – has little to no access to natural light. This should be factored into the development process when deciding on a suitable usage for the space.

The Only Limit Is Your Imagination

Adding another bedroom to your property can increase the value of your home by up to 15%, especially if you are able to add an ensuite. However, the lack of natural light may be a deterrent for some when considering the usage of this space. Likewise, using the space as a study or workspace may be less desirable in limited natural light; but this is your home, your design and your vision, so if it is right for you, BNS Construction Ltd can help you achieve it. 

This space may also be beneficial for homeschooling as it can be a distraction free zone. Or for younger children, a basement can also be transformed into a unique playroom with space for ample storage and activities; from climbing walls to slides and swings, this room provides a safe and accessible space close to the heart of the home for young children to play in.

For the older children, this space could provide an ideal area for a games room. With the ability to shut away noise from the heart of the home, basements could be furnished with a pool table, arcade games, table football and more.

Alternatively, adults could take this one step further and install a bar to showcase any lockdown-learned mixology skills ready to show off to friends and family once restrictions ease.

A basement is also an excellent place to install a workshop or craft room as many have taken up new hobbies, rekindled old passions, or set up businesses as a result of lockdowns, quarantining and furlough over the last twelve months. With plenty of space for storing tools and materials, a basement workshop can save the rest of your home from craft or business related clutter.

Use The Characteristics Of The Space To Your Advantage

Leveraging the darker environment, some people may choose to use this space as a home cinema or separate TV room as these activities don’t require a lot of natural light and can even be improved in darker spaces. Likewise, leveraging the constant cool temperature of the basement, you could consider a home gym. Many have found new ways to workout with the closure of gyms, making home workouts a necessity for a healthy lifestyle.

Finally – and primarily; functionally – this space could simply be converted into a utility room with storage solutions for the rest of the home. While not as exciting or fun as the other options, this is still a useful option to create additional space away from other more central areas of your home..   

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