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What Can I Use A Loft Conversion For?

by | Jun 22, 2021 | Loft Conversions

In 2018 it was reported that there was a 114% increase in planning applications for loft conversions. Three years later and after two national lockdowns saw the country confined to their homes, reviewing their living situations and embarking on DIY solutions, now is an ideal time to consider how you can professionally convert your loft to add function and value to your property.

For many, the prospect of working remotely led to makeshift workspace set-ups anywhere that they could find space and privacy in their home. Desks were set up on kitchen work surfaces, dining tables, in bedrooms and on sofas. For those with children, home schooling also became a necessity, so additional workspaces needed to be sought, as well as spaces where play time for younger children would not interrupt their working parents.

Others rekindled old hobbies or embarked on new ones during furlough, so finding space to facilitate these projects also caused many to consider the functionality of every room in their house. For many, the most underutilized spaces were lofts and basements.

Lofts Hold Huge Multi-Purpose Potential

Lofts are often considered to be excellent storage solutions, however there is so much more that can be done with that valuable space. Features such as angled ceilings can be seen as a deterrent to developing, but there is plenty of adapted furniture such as low framed beds, custom shelving and bespoke fitted wardrobes which can enable you to maximize the space you have available.

The loft has the added benefit of extensive potential for windows. Being situated on the top level of a home means there is plenty of opportunity to install skylights and roof windows to bring an exceptional amount of natural light into the space. This can make it a bright and peaceful place to study or work away from the hubbub of the home.

Consider installing a custom desk or fitted wardrobes or shelving to fit the unique shape of your room for maximum function and style. In addition, built-in storage can be developed to create a use for otherwise unusable space and retain as much storage capacity as possible in the loft.

An Extra Sleeping Space

Being situated away from the heart of the home also makes this an excellent place for a guest bedroom, or even a master suite; providing privacy and peace in a room bursting with natural light. Converting the loft into an additional bedroom can also increase the value of your home by up to 15%, especially if you are able to add an ensuite in the space you have available.

For those seeking sanctuary for new hobbies or activities – from learning a new skill to practicing a musical instrument – the location of this space removes it from the rest of the house. This can be a blessing for other inhabitants if the musical instrument being practiced is particularly noisy!

Considerations for the use of this space also include its location in relation to the rest of the home – it may not be suitable as a playroom for young children considering it may be separate from busier zones. However, the loft can be used for most functions provided the fittings and furniture are adapted to fit any awkward angles.

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