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Complete Renovation.

If you’ve had enough of your dysfunctional home layout and outdated décor, speak to us to discuss how we can help to transform your home and restore that sense of pride you had when you first moved in.

When you use BNS Construction Ltd, your home renovations are delivered from start to finish by our highly skilled and experienced team of tradespeople. We support you with the design and planning through to the construction and finish on all forms of home renovations.

We have qualified plumbers for your kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations and home heating systems and qualified electricians to ensure your whole home is wired safely for the future.

Whether you are creating an open plan living space, changing the layout of your home, renovating underutilized spaces, or replacing your old heating system with energy-efficient alternatives – we conduct all work to the highest standards you’d expect. Call us now to discuss your ideas and answer any questions you may have.

FAQs Related to Complete Renovation.

What materials are supplied?

We supply all the structural materials and 1st fix in relation to the electric and plumbing work. The 2nd fix is usually supplied by the client but fitted by us, as these materials vary in terms of design and price based on personal preference. The same applies to the decorative materials, such as floor and wall tiles, flooring, coving, etc. We do provide trade paint from Dulux, Crown or Johnstone’s, all we ask is for the client to make a colour choice-which can often be the hardest decision to make!

Will the work be split into stages or completed at the same time?

This depends on which rooms are being renovated, but if you are still living in the property, we will work out a schedule that will ensure you have access to all the amenities you need for as long as possible. You will always be kept informed of what is being done and when, so you can plan your day around the project.

How long will a renovation take to complete?

Renovations can take anything between 1-6 months to complete, depending on how many rooms are bring renovated and the size of each room.


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